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Video Manual    7.1 3D Premiere  Theater Built for the Big Screen in Ontario, Canada

Video Manual 7.1 3D Premiere Theater built for Outbush Pitchas in Darwin, Australia

Pro HD 3D Gen 7 Audio Video Workstation     Manual







Manufacturer of the DS Pro Line of Inflatable Movie Screens, ImagiColor, and VersaStretch Specialty OUTDOOR Movie Screens. Leader in Complete Audio and Video systems from simple composite to Full HD High Definition Digital Projection with 7.1 full surround sound. We also have complete 3D portable movie theaters and 3D accessories including DLP Link and IR 3D Glasses.

VXP is an innovator in Full Event Outdoor Movie Production, Vision Mixing and Multimedia Entertainment.


VXP has an online store that features many of our exclusive portable movie theater products and accessories. We have everything from inflatable movie screens, all-inclusive movie theaters, and accessories including 3D glasses. Contact us directly if you are interested in having us build you a custom-designed movie theater.

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The Vision Experience (VXP) is a company that is made up of outdoor movie theater enthusiasts.  As a force in the creative projection industry, VXP developed our quality and design standards with all of our movie screens and workstations after years of  innovative projection events.  Based in Los Angeles, California  we have had the privilege to be part of events with the most influential clients in the Hollywood movie industry. Our clients with The Oscars, Golden Globes, Music Video Production awards, Sundance Film Festival, and countless outdoor movie festivals, gave us the experience and inspiration to create every theater solution you see here on our site.

We build all of our systems in our new HD Theater Workshop. Just as our movie screens inspired the industry, all five of our Gen 7 Workstations are leading the entire portable movie theater industry today in innovation and technical design.  We are still amazed when we see a system that only has composite video quality.

Our reverse engineered designs give you the latest in state-of-the-art-technology that is logically designed, easy to use, and provides the features you will enjoy for years to come.


High definition HD 3D is officially here to stay. Only a short time ago, 3D was still on the fringe.  Today and for the future, 3D will be an ever expanding part of the  broadcast and private presentation industry.  Many of  VXP's Gen 5 Workstations are high definition.

Premiere HDPro FOR 2013  VXP is releasing our 7th Generation of  movie screens and audio video workstations.  Our Gen 7 systems represent a breakthrough level of achievement that makes high technology Easy, Portable, and Practical.  All five of our Gen 7 workstations have a completely different purpose. From a private backyard movie theater and ultra portable systems you can take on the road, all the way up to the event professional providing cinematic presentations for 1,000's of people, we have the perfect system for you. We also build custom systems with any combination of components and features.


The Cube The EZHD
The Cube easy HD

The Performance HD

Performance AV1

Pro HD

Inflatable Movie Screens



































































































































































































Leaders Causing Leaders

VXP is proud to be a part of Leaders Causing Leaders. We are providing all of the concert sound, lighting and staging for the show including musical performances by Jason Mraz. VXP is also a sponsor of the event. For more information about this event go to



VXP's Holiday Forest is available for the 2013 Holiday Season

For malls, amusement parks, and private events looking for an unforgettable interactive experience

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2010 Hope for Haiti Oscar Party Information


The Big Screen revolution

With fast moving technology creating new products for our industry everyday, Mobile and portable big screen movie systems have never had so many features  available. The price drop in projectors and increase in quality content from video games to HD DVD and Satellite has made the demand and availability for the Big Screen greater than ever before. The experience you can now get on a big screen is simply... Jaw Dropping - and all for a frction of the price for such quality from only a year or two ago.

As a leader in Mutimedia Vision Mixing Entertainment, and producer or  big screen events, VXP has redesigned the inflatable movie screen concept from the ground up. We work our screens extensivily and hard at some of the most prestigious events in the wirld. We are able to transfer all of the successful product features from our events into the products we offer to you. Made with pride in the USA, we offer the best screens and most advanced Audio Video systems ever offered.


1001 Uses and Counting

Outdoor Movies, TV, Cable, Satellite Connections, and Video Games on the Big screens is just the beginning. You can plug in you laptop or any media devide easily for all kinds of events and uses. The screens clip off and you can clip a sign onto  frame as a billboard, and VXP's frames are being used to hold backdrops for photo shoots and movie sets. If you are looking for backyard  entertainment, a screen for your Film Festival, or adding something for your rental business, VXP has the exciting solutions that will bring you years or successful events.

See VXP at the next at  IAAPA ( and  ARA Rental show.  

VXP's DS Pro screen at David Fostoe's $40,000,000 private estate for the FOX new reality TV show premiereJuly 2005

TarFest * Sunset and Vine


KTLA * Warner Bros * Backdrops * Golden Globes

MVPA Awards, LACMA, Golden Spirit Awards, CineMalibu

VXP - The Vision Experience

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